Healing for a Broken Soul

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Not much to say for an introduction. I just hope that it will bless, uplift, and most of all, heal.

In Jesus’ Name

Sonship is Spirit Led

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Hello, Everyone

This is the second lesson/sermon/message/etc. I shared with my local assembly. It’s not really a continuation, as in a sequel to “The Love of God as A Father”, but it takes a theme expressed in that lesson and carries it forward.

I hope it blesses and instructs. Peace and God bless, Aaron

(PS. Again, if anyone disagrees or sees something I missed, please comment so we can discuss. Thanks)

The Love of God as a Father

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Hi, All

Here is my first audio presentation of a sermon/lesson I taught at my local assembly. The title of this blog is the title of the message.

I hope it will be a blessing to you.

(PS. If there is anything you want me to clarify, or if you believe I’ve made some kind of mistake, please comment below so we can chat.)

(PSS. The audio begins in the middle of a sentence. Nothing of major import that detracts from the lesson. It’s just some minor preamble not related to the teaching.)

Changes in Ministry

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Hello to anyone who comes along and reads from my blog!

Over the past few months, my ministry and service to King Jesus has taken a new turn. I’ve been asked to become one of the mid-week Bible study teachers at our local assembly (www.rockofjesus.org).

So, with that in mind, I’ve done less writing and more prepping for speaking. But I want to make my lessons available to anyone who would like to hear them, so I’ve signed up on SoundCloud so I can upload the audio recordings and post them here.

Stay tuned. Hope you are blessed.

Lamenting is Worship by Michael Card

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I’ve watched this teaching three times now (first just to watch, second to confirm my thoughts about it, and third, to review before posting this blog), and while I might say that there are a couple small things to ignore or not worry about/take seriously, the vast majority of the teaching is sound and beneficial to all. I therefore heartily recommend watching all 7 parts (note, however that from the middle of the 6th part through the 7th part, the lesson ends in a question and answer section that is mostly inaudible in terms of the questions asked).

A key theme to listen and watch for:

The Vav Adversative. It all hinges there. Take notes!



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Stablish thy word unto thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear.

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Stablish thy word unto thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear.

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