The Gospel of Mark Retranslation Document


Concerning the benevolent message of Yeshua, anointed offspring of Deity, even as it was described in the prophecies of Malaki and Yeshayah:

“Lo! I commission My messenger before Your Presence, who will thoroughly equip You for the journey ahead.”

“A sound of shouting in the wasteland: Prepare the Lord’s journey! Lead Him true!”

Yochanan arose, immersing in the wilderness, even heralding the Immersion of Personal Reformation, with reference to the gratuitous pardon of offences. And everyone from the region of Yehuda—even the Yeru-Shalomiy—went out to him, and were immersed by him in the River Yardan, publicly acknowledging their offences.

Now Yochanan was clad in a shirt of camel’s hair with a leather belt around his waist. He ate locusts and un-cultivated honey and proclaimed, stating,

“After me comes He who is more powerful than I am, whose sandal-strap I am unfit to crouch down and undo. I truly have immersed you in water. However, He shall immerse you in the Holy Spirit.”

And in those days, it came to be that Yeshua of Nazareth of the Galiyl arrived, and was immersed by Yochanan in the Yardan. And all at once, arising from the water, Yochanan saw, as it were, the sky being rent open, and the Spirit, as if it had been a dove, descending upon Him! Then out of the sky came a voice:

“You are my dearly-beloved Son. I approve of You.”

Then forthwith the Spirit cast Him into the desert. And He was there in the desert forty days, maliciously enticed by the Accuser. He was amongst wild animals but the angels protected Him.

Now after Yochanan had surrendered, Yeshua returned to the Galiyl, announcing the benevolent message of the majestic authority founded in God, even declaring:

“The decisive moment has arrived and the dominion of God approaches. Re-evaluate yourself and have faith in the Benevolent Message.”

Now as Yeshua strolled near the Galiyl Sea, He saw Shimon and Andreas his brother, casting a fishing net into the sea, because they were professional fishermen. Yeshua said to them,

“Follow in my footsteps and I will help you land a catch of human souls.”

And without delay, they ditched their nets, and accompanied Him. Then, after He had advanced a few more paces, He saw Ya’akov ben Zabdiy, and Yochanan his brother, both in a boat, repairing their seines. And at once He summoned them, too. They forsook their father Zabdiy (in the boat with the other employees) and ran off after Him.

And they entered Kaphar-Nachum and first-thing on the Shabbat He went into the Jewish meeting place, and taught. And His teaching amazed them, because He instructed them in the manner of one who had complete mastery and not as one of the Torah interpreters.

And there was in their meeting place a person in an impure spiritual condition. He screamed at Yeshua, shouting,

“Ahhh! You have nothing to do with us, Yeshua Nazariy! Came to destroy us, did you? I’ve heard of You! Who are You? The Holy One of God?”

But Yeshua cut him off, saying,

“Shut your mouth and come out of him!”

The demon responsible for the man’s impure state convulsed and shrieked with a terrible voice, then issued out of him, insomuch that they were all stunned and discussed among themselves, asking,

“What is this? What new doctrine is this?”

Because, they said,

“With great force He commands even unclean spirits, and they obey Him.”

(From that point on, Yeshua’s reputation saturated the whole of the Galiyl.)

Then, upon exiting the meeting place, they resorted to Shimon and Andreas’s home, Ya’akov and Yochanan accompanying. But Shimon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they began to tell Him about her. So Yeshua drew near and, taking her by the hand, helped her sit up. Immediately the fever broke, and she waited upon them.

Now, as night-time loomed, while the sun was setting, folk brought unto Him all that were of a sickly constitution and those who were demonically afflicted—to such a degree that—the whole town assembled itself at the door. And Yeshua cured many sickly people of all manner of diseases, even casting out many demons, too! But He didn’t allow the demons any chance to speak, because they understood who He was.

And at dawn, even before the sun was fully shining, Yeshua arose, excused Himself, and set off for the wilderness. Once there, He prayed through ’til daybreak.

Then Shimon and the others took off in search of Him. And when they had found Him, they said to Him,

“You are besought by all.”

But instead, He said to them,

“Let’s go into the surrounding villages, so I can be a herald for them as well, since that’s why I’ve come.”

And He preached all throughout the Galiyl, in every meeting place. He also cast out demons.

Then, a leper approached Him, imploring Him—even falling to his knees before Him—and said,

“If You choose to do so, You can cleanse me.”

And Yeshua, overcome with sympathy, extended a hand, and hugged him, saying to the leper,

“Gladly. Be cleansed.”

And, at the same moment Yeshua spoke, the man’s leprosy disappeared, and he was cleansed. But He solemnly adjured him, and as soon as He did so, He sent the man away, telling him,

“Don’t speak of this to anyone. Instead, go, show yourself to a priest, and present for your cleansing those items which Moshe instructed, as a witness to them.”

But the man went out, and began instead to share the matter with everyone he met, divulging every detail, insomuch that Yeshua couldn’t publicly enter the town. So instead He made His camp in the wilderness, with people coming to Him from all directions.


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