Pornication’s Dirty Little Secret

In 1822, a German linguist named Jakob Grimm, author of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, is credited with what became known as Grimm’s Law, a statement, that, among other things, proves that Latin and Greek words beginning with the letter “p”, in Germanic languages, such as English, are rendered with an “f”, both in written and spoken form.

In this way, pater, a Greek word, becomes father in English. Also in this way, the Greek word porne, the root of the word pornography, becomes forn-ication, (or all various, illicit, immoral sexual acts, i.e. Scripturally prohibited sexual deviancy) when translated into English, meaning the same exact thing as its Greek counterpart.

We have then, in reality, a calque, or loan word from Greek transliterated into English; that is, it’s been Anglicized.

This matters for two reasons:

1.) When one hears the word pornography, while likely knowing what it is, the word itself doesn’t bring with it the connotations of fornication, i.e. illicit, immoral/deviant sex acts. If it did, perhaps more people would be less willing to consider pornography art and/or entertainment, and see it for what it really is: lust and sin-inducing hedonistic abuses of sexual perversion against the created order of God.

2.) If we would use the word pornication, and not fornication, thus highlighting the true nature of pornography, perhaps those men and women who say they are of the household of God, i.e. Christians, would stop deceiving themselves into thinking that pornography is anything less than a damnable offense against the Savior they claim to love and serve (See, for example, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21, and especially Revelation 21:8).

The fact is, there is an epidemic of pornography in the Church. It may not be the person next to you or sitting in front of you, either. But it could be your pastor, a Sunday school teacher, or your spouse!

Millions of so-called believers the world over, in front of their Christian brothers and sisters, profess themselves to be saints. They put on the happy “praise the Lord” face for all to see, convincing the assembly they are true men and women of God, as holy and righteous as any faithful follower.

In reality they are lust-driven, addicted perverts sitting in front of their computers, their phones, and etc., with their pants down around their ankles shamefully abusing themselves even to the erosion of their walk with God and the losing of their souls. They are also liars, of the synagogue of Satan, himself a liar and murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).

And if you can tell that the tone of this blog post is harsh, you are right. I condemn this sin without reservation.

So, without further ado, I am going to expose pornication’s dirty little secret, with the hopes that maybe, just maybe, a brother or sister in the Lord who is allowing the sexual spirits of the world to seduce him or her into a place of spiritual desolation by viewing and experiencing pornography, to finally wake up, that is, awake to righteousness, and stop sinning (1 Corinthians 15:34).

(By the way: if you’re reading this and are a believer in Messiah Jesus, and are also prone to, whether occasionally or constantly, exposing yourself to pornography, then know two things: 1.) This blog is absolutely for you, to help you, and 2.) I don’t condemn you, but I want you to repent and forsake your sin.)

The dirty secret (as if there weren’t hundreds of dirty secrets) that I want to share with everyone is this:

All pornography, by its very nature, is fundamentally and innately homosexual.

From its very creation, to the willing (and sometimes unwilling participants), to those who use and/or indulge in it, all of it is homosexual in nature.


  • Some of it is outright homosexual, featuring men only or women only. If you are indulging your flesh in this kind of pornography, you are participating in someone else’s homosexual act.
  • Most pornography features at least one man and one woman. If you are indulging your flesh in this kind of pornography, you are, by default, participating in someone else’s heterosexual act while being one or the other sex and gender of at least one of the featured participants, making your interest and usage of this kind of pornography homosexual in nature.
  • All pornography is created in various studios and settings, featuring any number of crewmen of whichever sex and gender: directors, lighting specialists, cameraman, and etc., who are all present in the creation of the material. Your indulgence of the flesh also indirectly incorporates them into the mix. So while you may think it’s just you and say, a video of one other person performing sexual acts in front of a camera, you must realize others are present and are also taking part.
  • Because of the above, you are, by default, automatically taking part in an orgy. You are not all by yourself in the dark. You are party to, however remotely, a large number of other people all either having sex, or helping one, two, or more people have sex with each other.

This is a fact:

Children who are exposed to pornography, even if it’s just once, often end up confused, feeling defiled and condemned, even if they don’t completely understand what it was they saw. Many of them end up with a disassociated sense of sexual identity as they mature, and of that number, many end up flirting with or outright embracing homosexuality as a lifestyle. Not because they were born that way, but because pornography, which is homosexual by nature, pre-conditioned them to become that way.

Still feeling good about a few “harmless” little acts of sexual depravity while surfing the net? Your contribution to the industry perpetuates its existence, even as it corrupts and even mutilates children’s sense of self. Your indulgence makes you indirectly guilty of every molestation, rape, murder, act of incest, homosexual dysfunction, and anything else you can name, that was caused by pornography’s existence.

Psalm 97:10,

10. Ye that love the Lord, hate evil…

Proverbs 8:13,

13. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil…

Amos 5:5,

5. Hate the evil, and love the good…

Pornication and the pornography that pornication creates, is truly evil. If you can’t seem to resist your flesh, and feel that your usage of pornography is out of control, you might consider, that even if you hate it and yourself, that the reason you’ve not been delivered, even if you’ve begged God for help and forgiveness, is because you haven’t repented over the correct sin.

You may need to search out the true nature of your own sexual identity. While you may not like what you find, if you ever want to be free, you have to confront your own homosexuality and confessing it to both God and man (yes, you must confess it to others – James 5:16), denounce it utterly for what it is: a soul destroying, damnable evil unleashed on the world by Satan himself.

Maybe then, and perhaps, only then, will God stop telling His prophets “It is commonly reported that there is fornication among you…and ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned…” (1 Corinthians 5:1-2).

Lord, I sincerely hope so.

Devoted to His fear,


~ by votivesoul on 01/18/2014.

3 Responses to “Pornication’s Dirty Little Secret”

  1. Wow. That is the best addressing of this difficult subject I’ve seen in a long time. I will be passing it on. God Bless You Bro. Aaron.

  2. […] that paper (written in 2009) and it reminded me of an earlier Votive Soul blog I had written called Pornication’s Dirty Little Secret. So, after re-reading my college essay, I went back and read the blog post. In re-reading the blog […]

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