A Depressing Reminder…

I’ve been ruminating over this one for awhile. In some sense, this post hearkens all the way back to my Before Christ days. It is a reminder of where I was (and perhaps you, as well) before God reached down and rescued me. I’ve decided to write this post to help anyone who reads it gain a spiritual insight into the plight of the lost sinner.

Maybe you were raised in the faith and though you know you are a sinner lost but for Christ, you never really ever indulged in the law of sin found in your members, and so, you don’t know just how far gone some people really become. Perhaps you’ve been a believer for so long you’ve forgotten what it was like to be lost? Or maybe, you were just a different shade of sinner and so, this post will help you relate to people you’ve never been able to relate to before, so that you can be more successful in your evangelistic endeavors?

I’m not sure, but I do hope this post is a blessing to you. My ultimate goal for its creation will be achieved if but one believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is helped in winning a lost soul to Him. Glory be to God.

What follows then are a series of music videos, or at least videos that contain music, in which people who are lost and alone, dying in their sins, are in some way presented to the listener (It will become more apparent what I mean once the various videos are viewed). I admit that they are depressing, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Additionally, the music contained in each is from an unsaved artist or musician. While none of the videos are what I would call inappropriate for a Christian to share on a devotional blog such as this (well, except possibly for the last one—you can decide), I will still offer the following warning:

If you are not secure in your salvation, and listening to and watching a video of what might correctly be called “worldly” music will be a stumbling-block to you, then I suggest you turn away and stop reading. If you don’t want to be depressed today, then please turn away and stop reading. If some heavy emotional and thematic content is not something you are prepared to experience, then by all means, please turn away and stop reading. But for everyone else, if you, like me, would like to be reminded (depressing as it may be) of what life among the dead was and is like (as a means to help you pray for and win such people), then please continue.

Finally, after each video, I will be offering some commentary.

1.) Kiwi (featuring a Gary Jules cover of Tears For Fears Mad World)

There are people in life who are so desperate for something to change, for anything at all to be different, that they will go to whatever extremes, to bring about such a change, up to and including suicide. Notice the deception. As in the video, which shows a bird, namely a kiwi, which cannot fly, how a person will intentionally bring their life to an end, just to escape into an impossible fantasy. For them, they think death is better than life. They somehow become convinced that dying will solve all their problems, not knowing or at least, not caring, that the WORST PROBLEM IMAGINABLE, that is, of facing Christ’s Judgment Seat as a lost sinner, awaits them, post mortem.

People are who suicidal really think this way. They think their death will make it worth it. Such hopelessness really does permeate the human race. We need to pray for the hopeless, who are so tormented in their anguish, that they become more than willing to throw themselves off of the proverbial cliff in order to make it seem like, for a brief moment in time, that they are actually flying, flying away and into some kind of freedom from their pain. But the reality is, the only thing they are flying to is an eternal separation from the Creator, who loves them.

2.) Hellbent by Kenna (accompanied by the short film More by Mark Osbourne)

Some people really are “hell-bent” (I hope this use of the word doesn’t offend, since it is being used in a Biblical way). Some people really will, for the sake of wanting to overcome the depression and misery of their present circumstance, sell their soul for what they think will make them happy. I’ve met so many drunks, and addicts, fornicators, and others, who constantly give themselves over to whatever sins, just to feel a temporary pleasure, but in the end, they know none of these things satisfy. And yet, they remain ever “hell-bent”. Instead of seeking OUT OF the cycle of their sins, they just find a way to perpetuate them until they embark upon an ever increasing sadness.

Dear Believer, we need to pray and reach out to the depressed, the marginalized, the torn, and the abused. The Good News of Jesus Christ was tailor-made by God for such as these.

3.) I’m Dying by Visual Audio Sensory Theatre

Pride. Some people know who Jesus Christ is, what He represents, and what He can be for them (i.e. their Hope and Savior), and yet, for pride, they forsake the GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, because they’d rather just live for themselves, how they want, even though such prideful living is the reason they are dying inside. Such a pride leads to an internal rage, a spiritual frustration that can only find release in repentance and trust in the Lord. But, because they refuse to humble themselves, they instead project that rage and frustration out toward everyone else, including the very God who wants to save them.

We need to pray and fast for those hard-nosed, too tough to cry, unyielding unbelievers who, but for one stupid, five letter word, could have and experience “joy unspeakable and full of glory”, not to mention the promise of Everlasting Life with God in Heaven.

4.) The Answer by Blue October

Ever met someone who was convinced that all their hopes and dreams for love were bound up in someone who didn’t love them back? I have. Maybe you used to be that person? Maybe you still are? So many people assume to think that the heart of another frail, flawed, weak, and fallen human is the best place to find spiritual and emotional fulfillment. It’s not, and has never been. There is a reason the sad love song is the most popular song in the world (and always will be). Because everyone can relate to a broken heart. But what happens when the heart breaks just a little harder, a little too often? Despair creeps in and grows, until either a person gives up on the idea of ever loving again, or…

…Or a saint meets them where they are at and introduces them to the love of God in Christ, an eternal, unfailing love, such a love that forever satisfies. Are we trying, Church? Everyday, everywhere, we are surrounded by such heart-broken people. Do we lift our voice to God and cry for them? Or do we just pass them by, knowing we have the answer inside of us (i.e. the Holy Spirit of Christ), and yet, do nothing?

5.) Down In A Hole by Alice in Chains

The funeral song of the addicted. Lead singer, Layne Staley, shown the video, died of an overdose (a cocaine and heroin cocktail). His decomposed body wasn’t found for days. I’ve never experienced an addiction, and so, won’t dare to say I know what it’s like. But I know God can deliver the most hardened addict, if someone will just lay their life down for Jesus to make Him known to the lost.

6.) Outside by Staind and Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam by Nirvana

Some people have such a low self-esteem, all they can see is the negative, not only in themselves, but also in others. They think it impossible that anything good in life exists. These suffer from such a sense of self-loathing, they think no one, not even God, can love them. The devil has such people so bound into their own sense of condemnation, the very idea of salvation seems a joke.

So, let’s be real examples of the truth to such people, to show them with much love, patience, and mercy, that they can be and are loved, especially by God.

7.) Hurt by Johnny Cash, Originally by Nine Inch Nails (Warning: one uncensored use the word hell, used in an un-Biblical manner, plus a depiction of the crucifixion of Christ)

Some think they are so far gone, not even God can save them. They identify themselves as irredeemable. Abandoned and alone. All they have is their pain. The hurt they feel is the only thing that lets them know they are still alive. Nothing to live for, nothing to die for. Just a life of empty numbness until oblivion. But deep down, in some nearly forgotten place in a heart that feels like it has died, is a whimpering voice, trying to hold on.

But let me ask you, saint. How long can such a person hold on? We are the Body of Messiah on earth. We are to preach the Gospel to every creature, not just the ones we think want to hear it. Not to just the ones that seem acceptable to our spiritual palate. But to all. Even to the farthest end to the farthest shore to the farthest soul. We must reach!

8.) Man That You Fear by Marilyn Manson (Warning: This video contains two edited out curse words, heavy thematic elements, some disturbing images, and an all around morbid sense of foreboding)

And finally, the last depressing reminder. The one that I remember the most. The one that used to describe me best. The God-hating antichrist who would rather die than be saved. My brethren, I beg of you, I beseech you, please turn the other cheek and do not dismiss! When you throw away someone like Marilyn Manson, you throw me away, too. But God be praised, there were saints in my life, dedicated, and holy, living out the love of God in Christ, who didn’t turn their backs on me. They took me as I was, raging, hating, Christ-killing sinner that I was, and now look. They won me to the Lord over 11 years ago.

You might know someone like this. They might be a family member, a co-worker, a neighbor. And all you want to do is pray they go away, move away, never come around, because their demonically depressed life just doesn’t gel with the righteousness, peace, and joy you get to experience in the Holy Spirit. If so, friend, you missed it. The Lord Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and power to go about doing good, to heal all those who were oppressed of the devil. Jesus didn’t flinch in the face of the worst humanity has to offer, and neither should we. We have the same anointing of the Holy Spirit, the same power. It is our calling to go about doing the same good, healing the same way.

To conclude, I just want to express my love for God but also my concern for the church. I fear we have lost the vision. We preach to and reach out for the handsome crowd, the popular ones, the ones that would fit in nicely with the church we’ve already got. He looks like a good man. I wonder how he would tithe? She seems smart. We sure need help in the Sunday school department.

Come on! If the above summarizes the whole of our evangelistic efforts, then SHAME ON US! Yes, I know iniquity is depressing. Yes, I know wading into the sins of others to try and bring them into the kingdom of God is hard work, rarely enjoyable, often disappointing, and usually ugly. But I leave you to consider the following:

Several years ago, a brother in the Lord spoke the following prophetic utterance to his local assembly:

Souls drowning in the deep. Weeping and dying in the deep. No one goes to them...

Dear Reader. Jesus went to the cross for such people. We owe it to our Savior to go just as far.

Peace and God bless,



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