I fear many brethren today are or have already become, impatient with God. I’m not talking about the return of the Lord, or waiting on God to answer prayer, or to heal, or to give a miracle, to pour out a blessing, or etc.

What I’m referring to is an impatience with God giving understanding of His Word at the duly appointed times.[1]

Impatience breeds boredom. Instead of waiting on God to reveal the depths of His Word according to His own timetable, men of God become bored with what they’ve already learned, and so, jump in half-cocked into all sorts of weird and silly ideas because they can’t otherwise get God to open His Word to them.

They bang and bang away at God’s Word looking for secret ways to get into God’s private counsel, that is to say, the counsel God takes with Himself after His own will (Ephesians 1:11), hoping to hear, as it were, “some new thing”.[2]

What these brothers (and to some degree, sisters) don’t understand is that God doesn’t budge. He has a process, and He sticks to it. The greatest teacher in the Kingdom of God is experience, the experience God gives a saint when they PATIENTLY sit at the feet of the Messiah, attending Him as a servant.

If the Messiah speaks not, the servant isn’t to presume a meaning in the silence. When the Messiah speaks, the servant isn’t to try and read into His words some esoteric, between the lines, meaning.

It is given to us to understand the parables of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 13:11). God will, in His own time (that is, at His divine leisure, so to speak) unravel His Word for those who have the patience to allow Him to create for us unique and lasting experiences which will teach and guide us into all truth.

Take, for instance, a simple, but powerful verse of Holy Scripture, such as Romans 5:9.

Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.

This verse speaks, in such a simple way, of the complexity and depth of God’s love and the atonement made for us at the cross of Jesus Christ. How is it possible, brethren, that we can become bored with being “saved from wrath”?

And yet it happens. And so, in our impatience, in our willingness to forsake the possessing of our souls, we go looking for things in the Word that aren’t there, so we can first, impress ourselves at our own ability to reveal the hidden mysteries of the Word of God, and second, go on to try and impress others with the same in order for them to be awed at our spirituality. We wash, rinse, and repeat, ad nauseum.

Give it up, man!

The most powerful truths of God’s Word are the simplest. God is love. Meditate on that for a few years! While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Mull that over in your mind for the rest of your life.

The hidden, wonderful depths of God’s Word are available to us through the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:10). But sometimes, we just need to wait on the Lord. So wait, I say, on the Lord (Psalm 27:14).

Stop trying to get into God’s private counsel some other way.[3] Only a reverential fear of God, coupled with patience and a continued attendance at the feet of God’s Son through the Holy Spirit, will cause or allow us to really learn anything of great consequence.

The fact is, the difference is evident. God can and does forgive all sorts of human folly. It’s in our nature to be foolish, at times, with our words. But that’s what the rod of correction is for, to drive such foolishness out of us.[4]

How many strips across the proverbial back do you want, before you realize God’s not going to let you have what you are too impatient to wait for?

When I was a child, I convinced myself that because once, in the past, my mom let my brothers and I open one Christmas gift a day early, that I could do so again, without her permission. Knowing I had been purchased a particular video-game, after my mom went to bed, I opened the game and played it throughout the night. I had lots of fun. When my mom woke up and saw me still awake, playing the game, knowing I had opened it without permission, she was very disappointed. I tried to explain and justify my actions, but deep down, I knew the truth. I made a big assumption against her wishes to satisfy my own impatience.

She took the game away from me for a week. I never tried to open a Christmas present a day early again.

Brethren, we are co-heirs with Christ. We get to partake in and share all that the Father has given to Him. Be satisfied with what we have been given, by grace. Stop trying to drum up new insights and revelations that God has not given us to understand at this present time. You can still be spiritual, just by being full of the Holy Spirit, and walking in It, as God, through His Spirit, takes you by the hand, to lead and guide you into all truth.

But you must stop running on ahead. The privilege is not yours. You are to obey. Abide in Him, patiently. Abide in the shadow of God’s wings (that is, stay close to the hem of His garment). The riches of God’s Word aren’t out and away from Him. They are nestled deep within Him, the folds and recesses of His royal robes. There is plenty to see, hear, and learn, there, in the shadows of His wings.

Anything learned anywhere else is just useless, strife-inducing debate.

The Lord bless and keep you,



[1] Meat in due season, right?

[2] Acts 17:21.

[3] Compare Psalm 25:14 with John 10:1.

[4] See Proverbs 22:15. If we become impatient with God and go about trying to get special revelation and understanding of His Word, but not according to His timetable and according to the methods His prescribes, we stay immature, or like children. And as the proverb indicates, the rod of correction is the only thing that will get us back on track.


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