We sing their songs. We read their books. We make use of their devotionals. We quote them often. We use their study tools. We peruse their websites. We teach and preach from their Bible translations. We make use of their scholarship. Sometimes, we attend their universities, seminaries, or Bible schools. We share their blogs on Facebook. We re-tweet their pithy, spiritualized comments and insights to one another.

We completely and incessantly co-opt the entire catalogue of Trinitarian Christianity output, and yet, we completely shun and disregard them as damned to hell.

The Oneness Pentecostal movement, by and large, is highly antagonistic toward those who believe God eternally exists as Three Persons in a Tri-unity. To be fair, some Trinitarians are likewise caustically abusive toward Oneness believers. But for the most part, the hate, and yes, I realize I’m using the word “hate” here, is on the side of Oneness proponents.

To me, this is sheer hypocrisy. We’ve got to come to terms with a few things. If all Trinitarians are lost and condemned to eternal death in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, as so many Oneness believers tend to believe, just for believing in the Trinity, then to what end, or for what purpose, do we so routinely make use of their materials and contributions to Christianity at large?

Are we lazy? Uninspired? Not anointed enough to offer as many and as varied materials and contributions? A case of the outside looking in? An inferiority complex? Just for the fun of it?[1]

I don’t imagine it’s anything like the above. Rather, we see the spiritual benefit and blessing of huge portions of the Trinitarian offering, and so, we rightly claim it for ourselves. Now, admittedly, not everything that is said, written, or done by a Trinitarian is going to go down easy with your average Oneness believer. But then again, there is a whole lot of what Oneness adherents say, write, and do, that doesn’t gel with Trinitarian thinking, either.

But note how one very famous Oneness preacher claimed he couldn’t learn anything from a Trinitarian, as if by virtue of being a Trinitarian, said Trinitarian automatically became disqualified from being able to offer any valuable input regarding the Christian faith, the Christian community, and/or etc.[2]

Of course, this same preacher reads his preaching texts from the King James Version of the Bible, a Bible translation commissioned by a Trinitarian king, and created by a group of Trinitarian scholars, WHO WERE NOT FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. In fact, all Bible translations into English, whether then, before then, or now, are created by Trinitarians, usually by committee. This means that there isn’t a Oneness believer alive today who has come to learn anything about God or His Son, or about salvation and faith, through the Word of God, but that he or she learned it, if only indirectly, from a Trinitarian, who helped create the version of the Bible from which the Oneness believer first read when he or she first came to faith in the Messiah.

So what is this? It’s antagonism simply for the sake of.

Here is a Biblical fact:

God gives the Holy Spirit to everyone who obeys Him. See here:

Acts 5:32,

32. And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him.

These are the words of the same man who preached Oneness adherent’s bread and butter verse![3]

So guess what? All those Trinitarian Pentecostals, Charismatics, and various other peoples in whatever denomination or non-denomination, who have all received the Holy Spirit “with the evidence of speaking in other tongues”[4] have, Biblically speaking, and according to Simon Peter, obeyed God. The Holy Spirit bears witness, or else Simon Peter was wrong, or the Word of God as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles is faulty.

Now see this:

Acts 11:18,

18. When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God, saying, Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.

This is the Biblical conclusion of the elders and apostles in Jerusalem, after Simon Peter explains how the Holy Spirit came upon Cornelius and his household, and they spoke in tongues.

So, speaking in tongues as evidence of Holy Spirit reception is also called being “granted repentance unto life”. The Holy Spirit bears witness in all those who receive It, including Trinitarians, that receiving It in the first place proves God has accepted their genuine and heartfelt repentance and so, conceded to them His forgiveness by acknowledging their sincere contrition and remorse for unbelief and sin.

This, however, begs a question most Oneness people don’t want to ask:

If God grants Trinitarians repentance unto life, and He gives them His Holy Spirit as proof of that granting, and they, that is, Trinitarians, speak in tongues the same as any Oneness believer, thus indicating that God effectively declares and recognizes their obedience to Him, then does that mean that believing God is a Tri-Unity of Persons is not a sin that will destroy someone eternally?

Let me break it down. In order to receive the Holy Spirit, a person needs must repent of their sins. People who believe God is a Trinity repent before Him of their sins, and He gives them His Holy Spirit as a seal proving He has forgiven them. They speak in tongues, ALL THE WHILE NEVER ONCE REPENTING OF THE FACT THAT THEY BELIEVE GOD IS A TRINITY!!!

Why doesn’t God require Trinitarians, if the Trinity doctrine is so wicked and soul-damning, to repent of their conviction that He is a Trinity? Why would God allow someone to receive the Holy Spirit, when He knows what they believe about Him is wrong (at least according to the Oneness camp)?

Should all Trinitarians have to convert to and adopt a Oneness view of God before they can be granted full repentance and receive the Holy Spirit? It doesn’t make sense, if what so many Oneness people have been saying about Trinitarians over the last 100 years or so is true.

Years ago, I was in a meeting where God administered the charismata through those assembled. There was a diverse tongue, and then an interpretation of that diverse tongue. The person who interpreted the diverse tongue was a visitor, a friend of a member of that Oneness congregation, who happened to be a Trinitarian Pentecostal.

The interpretation of the diverse tongue was valid. It moved hearts as he spoke the words God gave him. Why would God operate His spiritual gifts through a Trinitarian when all Trinitarians are (allegedly) lost, as so many Oneness people believe?

I knew a Oneness pastor who was adamantly opposed to the Trinitarian view of God, proclaiming time and again, that Trinitarians weren’t saved. And yet, this same Oneness pastor played a recording of David Wilkerson’s “Five Calamities” sermon, in which God gave Brother Wilkerson a prophetic vision of what was to come upon the United States of America.

David Wilkerson, prior to his death, was a firmly founded Trinitarian, a licensed minister with the largest Trinitarian Pentecostal group in the world, namely, the Assemblies of God.[5]

The fact is, it’s time for Oneness people to either put up or shut up. Either admit that Spirit-filled Trinitarians are brethren, and begin fellowshipping with them and sharing in the joys of the Lord together, or stop singing their songs, stop reading their books, stop making use of their devotionals, stop quoting them, stop using their study tools, stop perusing their websites, stop teaching and preaching from their Bible translations, stop making use of their scholarship, stop attending their universities, seminaries, and Bible colleges, stop sharing their blogs, and finally, stop re-tweeting their pithy, spiritualized comments and insights to one another.

We can’t have it both ways. We can’t verbally send all these Spirit-filled Trinitarians to the Lake of Fire while at the same time making use of all their materials in order to do so.

A Christian’s mouth is supposed to only have one side!

The fact is, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power of God unto salvation. It is the Gospel that saves, not Theology. It is clear that God will fill any hungry soul, who wants to be saved by Him, with His Holy Spirit, if they but confess and repent of their sins. Whether they think of God in Oneness or Trinitarian terms, or whether their theological understanding of Him will down the road one day change, the fact is, God has filled millions more Trinitarians with His Holy Spirit that He has with Oneness believers. Can the Oneness collective accept that and not cry foul?

I close with this:

A huge number of the people God has filled with His Holy Spirit are children. I’ve personally, more than a few times, seen children as young as five years receive the Holy Spirit. I prayed with some of them as they did so.

Of the ones I personally witnessed receive the Holy Spirit, none of them could give a clear, concise but Biblical statement of faith regarding the nature of the Godhead, the Incarnation, and etc. All they knew is that someone was telling them about Jesus, about how much He loves them, how He died for their sins on the cross, and that He wants them to be saved so they can go to heaven and live with Him forever.

The point is this: Children who can’t make a coherent Theological or Christological statement receive the same Spirit as adults who likewise can’t make coherent Theological or Christological statements. And both these children and adults receive the same Spirit as every Oneness and Trinitarian in the world, who might be able to, in their respective ways, define God accordingly. There aren’t two Holy Spirits, folks.

The litmus test of one’s salvation is Christ crucified and resurrected from the dead, and faith in that. Yes, the Spirit of Truth can and does lead people into all truth, and some, in that process, end up changing their Theology. But that didn’t stop God from saving them first. Believing in the Trinity doctrine does not encumber, inhibit, or restrain God one lick from acknowledging their obedience to Him by granting Trinitarians repentance unto life by filling them with His Holy Spirit. It’s just a fact.

And if our God and Savior is so un-encumbered, so un-inhibited, so un-restrained, as it were, why then are we so encumbered, inhibited, and restrained from embracing all Spirit-filled Trinitarians as brothers in Christ?

The answer should be “There is nothing that encumbers, inhibits, and/or restrains us”. Hopefully some day, Oneness (and Trinitarian) Pentecostals will get there.

Peace and God bless,

The Votive Soul


[1] In various Oneness circles I have over and again heard the phrase “keep the meat but throw away the bones”, as it pertained to different books, sermons, and etc., especially those that came from Trinitarian sources.

[2] The video was removed from, unfortunately. The Oneness preacher has the initials L. S. Can you guess who it is?

[3] Namely, Simon Peter in Acts 2:38.

[4] A very popular phrase among Oneness believers.

[5] For more on David Wilkerson, see:


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