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Tonight, in this latest blog entry, I want to address the following idea:


Harping is the persistent, even insidious, and unwelcome addressing and spouting off against someone or something, ad nauseum.

You know the type (don’t act like you don’t!). Always going on about the same old thing. Always in the negative about whatever thing it is upon which they harp. They seem to always find ways to make every conversation revert back to their pet issue. They become impossible to be around. And, if it’s a preacher or your pastor? Oh boy. You’re in for a world of hurt.

Harping often occurs for the following reason: Tunnel Vision

A person with tunnel vision has, intentionally or not, decided to solely focus on only one idea or concept, or only on one small part of an idea or concept. They refuse to step back and take a better, BIGGER view of what’s going on around them.

People with tunnel vision often come to this place out of fear, uncertainty, and/or doubt.

Being able to ignore something that doesn’t agree with, comfort, or otherwise, ameliorate the person suffering from tunnel vision allows them to stay seated in their own little, falsely created, heavily biases world, while the rest of the real world continues on all around them.

To get one’s head out of the tunnel requires bravery and an act of the will. When something outside of the purview of the “tunnel” tests, probes, pushes, attacks, or proves superior, the person with tunnel vision has to make a decision: to confront what is new or different, and see whether or not their vision inside the “tunnel” can stand up to, and hold its own against, whatever it encounters outside of the “tunnel”, or continue to tuck tail and turn away in retreat back to the place this person calls “home”.

In so doing, one of two things will occur. Either the tunnel visionary will discover something better and more important than such a closed mind view of things, or, they will hunker down for the long-haul.

Hunkering down inside of one’s “tunnel” is what then causes the person to begin to harp away at any and all things outside of the vision. It’s kind of like a sniper, or an unseen rattlesnake poised to bite.

The tunnel-visioned person takes pot-shots from afar, harping away with unwanted words, even attacks, in whatever direction helps keep the person from having to expand their view and understanding of the world around them.

The bottom line is fear. Something has made this person afraid, likely early on in life. This person became convinced that someone or something was dangerous, and was forced, either by internal or external authorities in life, to run and hide.

In the realm of ideas, the “idea” that an “idea” is dangerous has often caused people to shrink away from knowledge and understanding. An example (take it for what it’s worth):

Several years ago, there was a woman attending the church I used to be apart of, who would always tear up and cry as the presence of the Lord came over her. She repented of her sins, and was immersed in the name of Jesus. Many people would pray with her and for her to receive the Holy Spirit, but she never did. She would seemingly get as close as anyone possibly could, but never crossed over into Holy Spirit immersion.

Witnessing this, as I prayed for her a few feet away, the Lord, through His Spirit, caused me to understand that she was afraid of receiving the Holy Spirit, because she thought receiving the Holy Spirit would be like Jesus putting a chain around her neck to make her a slave.

The point here is that she couldn’t get outside of her own understanding. She remained convinced that her world without the Holy Spirit was less dangerous, and more fitting, more to her liking. She remained locked into her “tunnel”.

In principle, something happens like this a lot, especially among disciples of the Word of God. They come across or hear about a competing view regarding some doctrine or another, or they are at a church meeting, and someone offers something that doesn’t sit right; maybe it comes from a book, or even a message board forum like this.

The first response in such cases is recoil. Instead of engaging the competing view of the doctrine, and really examining it from all sides to test it for merit or truth, it’s summarily rejected out of hand for no other reason than being “other”.

The tunnel-visioned person realized, perhaps subconsciously, that this competing idea originated somewhere outside of his or her “tunnel”. As such, it’s automatically outside of this person’s comfort zone.

I submit to one and all that Jesus directly confronts this mentality head-on and turns it on its ear. He is, after all, the stone of stumbling and the rock of offense. It’s not that one should just choose to receive and belief anything flying by on the wind. But it does mean that sometimes, Jesus comes to you in a way you cannot recognize, whilst you walk down the road to Emmaus.

When you encounter a new idea, or hear about a different view of the contents of God’s Holy Word, it might just be the Lord from Nazareth attempting to open your understanding of all that the Holy Book contains.

We reject this visitation at our peril.

In conclusion, I recommend that everyone take a personal inventory of their beliefs, whether they be related to any one particular doctrine or doctrinal view/schema¬†(or not), and ask the Lord to shake you up and turn you upside down, and strip from you anything and everything you’ve ever believed, been taught, or just fell into without realizing it, that doesn’t soundly and perfectly conform to the Inspired Scriptures.

The cure for harping, blessed brethren, and the tunnel vision that causes it, is silence at Rabbi Jesus’ feet.

Peace and God bless,



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