The Word Of The Lord Came Unto Me, Saying…

It is July 3rd, 2017, 12:46 A.M.

I have recently returned from a walk to a nearby gas station in search of a few late night snacks. This is something I have done before and will likely continue to do, as life and time march on into the future.

Part of the reason why I walk, instead of drive, to this nearby gas station, is so that I may take a few extra minutes to seek the Lord through prayer and petition. With one exception, tonight was no different. I did just as I have always done: seek the Lord, pray to Him, petition Him, worship Him, and etc.

The difference this time, however, is God spoke back. This new entry into the Votive Soul blog is therefore dedicated to sharing with other believers the words that the Father shared with me. Therefore, without any further ado…

The Word of the Lord came unto me, saying…

Diplomacy. Negotiation. Reconciliation. Consolation. Unity.

For far too long, we believers have operated under a deception that we can divide off of or from other believers and each other in order to go and do our own thing, presumably minding our own business, and not reach out to one another while reaching up to God, to fulfill the Great Commission.

It is a pretense. We can no longer sit around meeting with our local version of the Body of the Anointed One while ignoring other nearby members, treating them as if they do not exist, and somehow expect that the invitation and commissioning given to God’s people as saints will be achieved.

Sure, we may think we are doing our part, that our assembly is in the will of the Father, and all is right in the world, especially if or when we see results. Have a visitor come to a meeting, nail down the Bible study you’ve been trying for months to get, perform a baptism, or whatever, and watch as we puff ourselves up with delusions about how God is so pleased with everything we are or are doing.

One of the greatest dangers a believer or group of believers can ever find themselves in, is when they presume to feel vindicated about all that they are or do simply because God has granted them some gift, anointing, level of understanding, revelation, or revival.

It is not to say that we ought to deride and condemn ourselves just to make the point; rather, we ought to continually search out our hearts and desire that the Spirit of Truth prove us, making no assumptions, or provisions for the flesh.

If your assembly meets or gets together in a particular city that has true brothers and sisters in it, that are not welcome or are not a part of what you are doing, then something is amiss.

I know the arguments. They go something like this:

• We don’t see eye to eye on some things
• There are problems that exist between us
• They’ve allowed sin in the camp
• There are too many disagreements about x, y, or z
• Their standards are x, y, or z
• They just don’t want to work together
• Their leadership is corrupt
• They practice un-Biblical x, y, or z
• We tried to work together before, but it just didn’t work out
• They’re out of the will of God
• They’re backslidden
• There is no love of the truth there

Am I right? The days of trying to follow the Lord the best we know how, while excluding fellow believers who are doing the exact same thing must come to an end. As long as disunity, animosity, and excuses flourish, the Dragon and his minions will always win.

This is where the Word of the Lord comes into play. I was, as I often do, praying in general, for the Body. Sometimes I pray for specific people I know. Sometimes I pray for myself as a member of the Body. But usually, I pray for the entire membership, the very Church of the Living God.

And as I prayed for Her, pondering and meditating about where we are as believers and what’s happening in and among us, I realized the sense of failure many of us are consistently experiencing. We try to the best of our ability to serve God and do what we’re supposed to be doing as believers, but finding little or no success in much of anything we do. We pray, and not much happens. We evangelize, and not too many seem interested. We immerse in the name of Jesus Christ, but the promise of the Father never comes. On and on it seems. The wheels are most assuredly spinning, but the car isn’t going anywhere.

And in that realization, God found an opening to confide His private counsel, just as I shared above. For the rest of this entry then, I will attempt to give meaning and understanding regarding the things the Lord said, so that you, the Reader, may be blessed and challenged, even provoked in your spirit to stand up and do something about what has been revealed.

1.) Diplomacy

Very plainly, diplomacy is the art of working with various individuals or groups of people in order to bring them together, get them talking, help them see the commonalities that exist between them, so that the benefit of joining together can be discovered.

It is not always easy to be diplomatic. Some are stubborn, angry, selfish, foolhardy, or full of pride, and want no part in it. That doesn’t mean, however, that diplomacy should not be attempted. All diplomatic endeavors must be offered and exhausted before believers ever give up on each other. To quickly quit the table is to demonstrate hardness of heart and lack of love, not just for the brethren, but also for the Head of the brethren.

2.) Negotiation

Negotiating is the communication of needs and desires, or priorities and information, so that two parties currently not on board together, can find a way to both fit in the same boat. Sometimes conditions need to be met. Other times, concessions must be offered. And even occasionally, someone is going to have to submit or compromise.

As long as people continue to talk and discuss, there is hope for coming together as one. The Body must be willing to stick it out, no matter what.

3.) Reconciliation

To be reconciled, simply put, is the ability to suffer wrong, relinquish control, forego the desire for satisfaction, forgive, move on and then forge ahead as allies, regardless of the past. Reconciliation sees and cares more about the future, especially what will not be, if no attempts at coming together are made.

Let bygones become bygones. Soon enough, you’ll find you can be reconciled to just about anyone. A little bit of mercy goes a long way.

4.) Consolation

Oh, to be healed! To be made well! Consolation is the tears of sorrow and regret that soon enough turn into tears of joy unspeakable, full of glory. The Body of the Anointed One can be cleansed and cured of all manner of problems, if we could learn how to console one another the way God consoles us.

If we will but try to see the pain in others before we complain about the pain in ourselves, holy compassion will win the day.

5.) Unity

Unity is loving your neighbor as yourself. When someone else besides you is as precious as, or is even more precious than, yourself, unity will exist. Unity is more important than just about anything else. It’s not about being superficially and/or artificially bonded to another believer; rather, it’s confronting the differences and disagreements, the hurts and offenses, head on, with one goal in mind: becoming one.

Think of all the problems, the spiritual aches and pains, faults and flubs, sins and iniquity that the Anointed One overcame in order to become one with you, through the Holy Spirit that is in Him and in you. Allow that same Spirit of Grace to overflow your heart and soul, just as our Savior did, and you’ll be as willing as He was, to unify Himself with all those the Father has given Him.

To summarize:

• Diplomacy: working with and managing people to bring them together for a common benefit
• Negotiation: Communicating, dealing with, and finding a way through the problems that exist simply by not giving up on the dialogue
• Reconciliation: Being merciful and thus, receiving mercy, so that forgiveness and compassion can heal the wounded souls in our midst
• Consolation: Finding peace of mind and joy of heart, despite the pain and regret of yesterday
• Unity: Oneness in all its purity and power

Dear Brother or Sister,

I submit to you that God is after the above, so that we may all come together in and walk in love, sowing to the Spirit. If strife, discord, discomfort, or rancor exists, it must be dealt with. Enmity in the family of God disrupts His plan and purpose for why He called us out in the first place.

I know it can seem daunting. It can be easy to quit before ever trying. The magnitude of what needs to be done to bring about change can be staggering. But there is a way forward, Beloved.

In the next entry, I will attempt to show how the Word of the Lord can be fulfilled. There really is a solution to the most difficult of problems. Until then, may whoever reads this, enjoy peace and prosperity, favor and grace, from God the Father and the Lord, Yeshua the Anointed One.

The Votive Soul


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